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When I went to visit California one thing I did love was the beach. We drove down to Santa Monica  just to see the water before we traveled cross country. That was one two day journey I will think twice about doing over. Returning to California is definitely on my yearly list of things I should just do again.  It seemed as if California had a little bit of flavor from each state  of the country. That could be because it takes up the whole west coast of the US.  As I patiently wait for my passport, Im deciding where to go next.

“One of the oldest and most picturesque part of the scenic drive on California Highway 1 is the Central Coast. This area spans from Pacifica, which is just south of San Francisco to the southern end of Big Sur. Get a fun rental car and get on the scenic Highway 1 that you will love to drive. This is the best way to experience California Coast travel.” – For more great tips on places to travel check out the site here 

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