Birdman’s Trash Initiative

Sean “Birdman” Gould is a lean, mean, rockin’ machine.

He has played in at least five Miami bands at all times for the past 20 years. And right now, he’s rollin’ with Nil Lara, Mixed Culture, Birdman’s Clambake, Night Train, and Blowfly. Music has even put him at the center of international controversy. IMG_3772 (id) (fcp1)

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One of the eco warriors helping keep the environment more clean for the benefit of all.

“The biggest project of his life is the one he started this year. He calls it” -Birdman


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I happened to come IMG_3780 (id) (fcp1)across a few of the helpers while attempting to get a shot with my friend. I found it very inspiring that they would spend time to really put in work and help clean up the environment. I even picked up some trash and gave a hand for a moment too short. I did make sure to thank all of the workers that we jumped pass and give them some motivation! Most of the trashed I attempted to pull out was stuck in between the rocks and couldn’t even be removed. IMG_3851 (id) (fcp1)

For More info on how to help out go to Birdmans Trash Initiative Facebook group and Join 

Source – Miami New Times