Be Metaphysical: Transparency

There is a sense of comfort in transparency. When You know what you are seeing, everything is revealed in the forefront. In a world where people seem to have at least one experience in their closet of skeletons they would not like to be publicly known transparency is golden. pop2 There is a sense of energy you posses when you “hold in” a secret.  Is it possible to hold no secrets? I believe this level of transparency is possible to attain once you have the ability to release all. Being judged by a jury our mind creates, leads us to assume what the verdict of our honesty will be pre-trial. I have learned through experience that your level of transparency can reflect onto others and create a comfort zone that allows them to be just as honest and open as you are.   Treat people how you would like to be treated and furthermore, what you are capable of revealing will be revealed to you. The next step is listening to what you hear and learning from what you have heard.  Be Metaphysical Be Open Be Transparent Believe and Be Love

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