Be Metaphysical: The Kemetic Mushroom Mystery

I have been a supporter/ of the “blue elixir of immortality” for about 8 years now. When I was first introduced It was used more for recreational purposes. Seeing the ceiling form wave like behavior  and being in the “happy zone ” was all I cared to experience while using mushrooms. Once I began getting into Yoga this opened up a door that taught me that mushrooms have a much more important use when informed with the correct knowledge.   Many people speak of the third/first eye It was not until I studied as well as went into meditation with mushrooms that information began to come together and make sense. The cubensis mushroom is a teacher. The first lesson is breath. You will find your body naturally taking in deep flowing breaths.  The feelings you have when ingesting mushrooms is a feeling you can naturally bring about through breathing techniques once practiced.  I look at mushrooms as  an “intellectual fuel”  to the human body which is your vehicle, but not everyone drives a spaceship quite yet. Your base of knowledge dictates what you can “do” while in this vehicle, powered by the intellectual fuel.  When I began my mushroom experiences I was still earth bound using the effects to enhance what I saw in this reality. Colors being enhanced vision a bit more acute and being more in tuned with feelings and nature.   Later down the line through meditation I discovered that  mushrooms in combination with meditation/yogic breathing help activate  the production of DMT. DMT has been known to bring about visions and take your perception to places that feel just as real or more than the experiences you have during your day to day life. DMT is naturally produced by your brain when your sleeping or under very stressful adrenaline filled moments.

Psilocybin is the active ingredient in mushrooms that cause you to feel the effects.

“Hallucinating by definition is seeing things that are not there.

Visualizing by definition is forming a mental picture of something.

MUSHROOMS ARE NOT HALLUCINATES BY DEFINITION! throughout my 8 years of cubensis experience I never Hallucinated once. I do have many visuals and journeys that I can share and insight that I have yet to grasp a full understanding on”


There are many forms of DMT. Ingesting the Mushroom/Psilocybin would be more if not the equivalent of getting your body to create DMT on its own.  DMT and Psilocybin are similar in compound structure.  Once the mushroom is ingested  the active compound Psilocybin is converted into Psilocin in your body.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 7.45.37 AM

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 7.55.00 AMScreen Shot 2014-05-05 at 7.44.55 AM How do you change your perception while on mushrooms?   Thoughts…  your thoughts and knowledge base will help you with a natural learning process that leads you to know what you need to do.  You will only know once you are ready.  Ill leave you with one of my experiences when I went into a deep meditation on cubensis.  Also the use of mushrooms in Kemet/Ancient Egypt.