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@Thenemophilist -Power resides in you
@Thenemophilist -Power resides in you


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@Miingz – Saw This Pose & Of Course I Had To Try It! #loveyourbody #knowyourbody #loveme #loveyoga #yogapose #bendyyogis #yogaofcolor #inspiredyogis #yogaeverydamnday #twist #HappyPractice #highofflife #goddess #try #igfit #igyoga
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@Pauladhy – Side view of #utthitatrikonasana #trikonasana. I remember the cue from past teachers for this pose: “Think of yourself being placed between two walls… (and that sounds claustrophobic to me!)… and your body should be in one line..” Well, something like that. Now, I decided to take pictures of trikonasana with different hand placements to achieve that alignment. Left photos: Holding the big toe here. Really trying to push my hips more forward and lengthening the spine. Middle photos: Placing the hand on the top of the foot. Right photos: Hand on the shin bone. Left hip pushed more forward (for the left side of the pose). Feeling that sharp yet comfortable stretch on the side of the ribs. Chest is more open. More stretch also on the other side of the ribs. Now I am in one straight vertical line! And the best part, it feels so much better! Thanks @ashtanga_vinyasa_108 for teaching us this! #yoga #collage #alignment #ashtanga #ashtangayoga
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@afunkysoul – Awhile back @mango_twee tagged me for 20 things about me. While it’s definitely been weeks if not longer, I still remembered! Also @smiling_yo_ganja tagged me for #stopdropandyoga some time ago as well so consider this a double whammy. Here it goes: 1. I have a very strange memory. For example, remembering to do this post forever later. 2. I’m a walking contradiction. I love yoga and eating really healthy nutritious food and living a healthy lifestyle but I also really love doughnuts and burgers and pizza and wine. 3. I’m pro-marijuana. It’s true. Both medicinal factors and recreational factors. It’s a beautiful plant with amazing functions! If you think its bad you should do some research cuz you’re severely mistaken 🙂 4. I’m not a fan of routine. To a fault. I get bored when things stay the same which can result in me hopping from one hobby to the next without giving it a real shot. 5. All my friends live in CO. I’ve tried making friends here but they all want me to hang out with all of their friends and as an introvert hanging out with a bunch of people I don’t know is not my thing especially when doing activities I don’t really care to be apart of. So the closest I have to friends outside of Colorado is all of you on here! 😀 6. I love nature. Seriously I LOVE it. Unfortunately there’s not much of it around me and I’m pretty sure it’s starting to take it’s toll on my attitude. 7. I could lay under the stars for hours and be completely happy and at peace. 8. People say they have a crazy family but seriously…. Mine really is CRAZY. My family is well seasoned lol. 9. I have juvenile myochlonic epilepsy. They claim it’s genetic but no one else in my family has it. 10. I once had a Mohawk.