Elevated State of Mind

Taking the camera to the skies for a few yoga sessions! When you are on ground level you view is not as vast as it is from below. While at surface level you are surrounded by building that are usually obstructing your view beyond a few feet.A2 Constant thoughts and daily activities can make it  hard for you to look for the peace of mind you are trying to find. Once you remove yourself from the obligations and rise above the what seem to be endless thoughts you can get a clear view of everything when you are looking from a higher point of view.  How ?  Start by taking a step back/up and become aware of what exactly you are putting energy into. Sometimes what we put our time and energy into becomes so automated we don’t really think about it once it becomes habit.  Once you are aware and can clearly see what you are putting energy into you can decide if you want to continue to or re route to more productive activities. Stretch, Breathe, Do Yoga and Feel Good!

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