Be Metaphysical: Energy via Intimacy

Be Metaphysical: Lets talk about the best feeling in the world, you may think of  sex,  food, or anything that gives pleasure.  Either way while I was growing up  I think sex was what I taught the least about. Be safe and wrap it up was the only two ideas I could attach to the mystery of sex before I actually experienced it.

Now that I am older and wiser, I have jumped into the realm of meditation and energy work.  I have come to know that there is more to sex then reaching a climax only to explode with seconds of pleasure.   I think the best way to explain how this information helps is showing a before and after of knowing.

These are some of the physical changes that happened once I began learning more about this form of meditation and energy circulation.

Before Knowing Microcosmic Orbit :

Sex Duration 5 – 40 minutes

Once climax is reached ejaculation happens soon after.

Loss of sperm/Loss of energy

No more sex after 1st/2nd Ejaculation / Limpness

No Control of Breathing, Less connection with your partner

After Knowing Microcosmic Orbit:

Sex Duration : 45 min – 3 Hours

Once climax is reached ejaculation can be controlled. Meaning the energy wasted from normal routine of spilling sperm can be avoided.  Furthermore allowing you to continue having sex without loss of energy. The feeling of the orgasm is extended and in sync with your pattern of breathing. Orgasm/Energy can be sent and received to and from your partner via breathe as a channel to be in sync with each other on.

No/ (Small) Loss of Sperm / No (Small) Loss of Energy

You will have the feeling of orgasm without the actual physical ejaculation.  Physical ejaculation is the cause of limpness and stops you from circulating and building the energy via sex.

Conscious control of breath 60% – 100% of the time. Gaining control of breath during sex is one of the easiest paths to connecting with your partner.

Once you learn the microcosmic orbit and become familiar with feeling the energy flow you can explore deeper levels of intimacy. Practice and Learn about yourself and your partner. These books help give guidance, through practice you will know how it feels for yourself through experience.  Part 2 coming soon – Be Metaphysical  Be Infocus247

A thunderstorm passing over led me to do a yoga session out in the open field under the rain.
At one point during this session I had my eyes closed and it felt as if I was in a huge shower. The water was cold but after being out there for a minute or two it seemed more of a neutral temperature
Not being struct by lightning was a thought that definitely crossed my mind. I tried to keep cool and not do too much.
Overlooking the vacated temple with lowered eyes. Enjoying the stay and knowledge acquired during my stay in Houston.


Photographer Maati Ra