Book Selects: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy

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Last month I posted about the male version to this book. Mastering control over sexual energy via Microcosmic orbit and meditation techniques.  Now this version of the book is for the women that do not know what to do when they encounter a sexual partner that is equipped with this type of  knowledge.  Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 10.06.29 AMI feel its only right that the playing field be even. A man with full understanding of sexual energy can pull the energy from a woman leaving her depleted and feeling tired. If both partners have the information required to store, build and circulate the energy, then both male and woman will be happy during this intimate exchange of energy.



Mantak Chia : Cultivating Female Sexual Energy  Healing Love of Tao 

Mantak Chia : Cultivating Male Sexual Energy Secrets of Love