Be Metaphysical : Led Into Gold

Ever heard of the saying turning led into gold? Why would anyone think turning one element into another is possible? There is a few ways to look at it. I know two popular perspectives on it. From an alchemical stand point turning an element of lesser value into a element of more value makes cents. Understanding the process of transmuting elements is powerful knowledge for reasons I hope you can think of on your own. Gold was said to be the perfect state of a metal, (western perspective) so that is what alchemist aimed for . On a meta-physcial level turning led into gold meant transforming yourself from a human being controlled by desires, physical pleasures into a person that has control over desires/thoughts/urges etc. becoming in a sense perfect or at one with all. This knowledge was once and still is held in secrecy. Be an alchemist Did you choose a path or will you walk both!