Yogi Selects 29

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@trycja_yoga  Now the Prairie Rock Grill, the building behind me has been a fixture in downtown Elgin since 1921. It has been a movie theater, a soul food restaurant, a dance hall, a microbrewery and a venue for mixed martial arts. Thankfully this intersection was not that busy in the early morning so I could do a quick forearm balance in the street. This is right in the heart of #elginil, like all my pictures for #pasadena5love And this post wraps up this fun challenge, but there is one more big part of the downtown area I would be remiss not to share, so stay tuned for a bonus #elginlove post tomorrow
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The account I have chosen to feature @ameliakyoga. I have spent several nights in tears reading her words and have been inspired myself to be the best mother I can to my two little boys. Inspiration to be a better mother is worth more than I can put a value on. I encourage you to follow her and go through and read her posts. Her story is heart wrenching but her spirit and the light she gives is inspirational. I have been a follower myself of Amelia for a long time. I don’t really remember how I came to follow her but I was enchanted by her images and beautiful asana.
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@Briyr It’s been one of those weeks where I question everything. Doubt. Stress. Judgement. Love & Hate all at the same time. And as I sat waiting for the students to arrive into class I just started crying. Had no idea why, just was. I closed my journal because I didn’t want water to destroy the pages, but before I closed it I wrote: my practice requires tears. My practice requires me to practice on the mat and off. My practice requires truth. My practice doesn’t have to be seen or displayed because it’s mine. My practice is about me. And today at this very moment I am practicing feeling my feelings. #feelingsometypeofway #brogiyoga #curlyyogachick #steadyandjoyful #feeltheyogahigh #bemagic #beopen