Yin & Yang Metaphysical Notes

While meditating WFEPICM-2I began testing a few sensations that I noticed. Sitting in a comfortable position I would focus on one part of my body, particularly my right leg. Focusing on consciously breathing in and out and focusing on a specific part of my body. Once i begin I start to feel my leg getting ‘jumpy’. It feels like a twitch or almost like it is little shocks happening inside of my leg. The intensity or amplitude of the pulsing/jumping/eletric feel is connected to the speed of breath. If the breathe is constant then the muscle will contract/tense up then on the out breath it will relax. If i breathe slower the pulsation will be much slower and not as intense. When I speed up my breath it tends to get more intense and less space in between the pulsations.  When I first felt this it was kind of weird but interesting and I began to try to take notes in effort to control the sensation and learn the mechanics of what I was doing. This is the basics.  I will use Yin and Yang as a general guide to the principals of polarity to what I describe.


Yin  : In Breath : Root Chakra   –

Yang : Out Breath : Navel Chakra +

Align Pulse/ Thought with the flow of Breath/Energy /Qi

Amplitude is controlled by speed of breath.

Yin : Makes muscles tense

Yang: Makes muscles relax

Yin: Cool , Moon, Contract

Yang : Hot, Sun, Expand

Qi/Energy is built through Pranayama

Benefits … This energy has many purpose. Physically if you are tight in certain areas in your body you can use these concepts to loosen up the muscle gaining more relaxation. This is the basics of what I have come to realize and will continue posting information concerning energy and using breath to heal.  Stay Tuned and Be Metaphysical ! Peace