Be Metaphysical: Sound & The Pineal Gland

I have had some interesting experience when It comes to using mantras and chants. This led me to doing some research in making sense of it all.  Water holds vibration and we (humans) are made up of over 70% water. Sound is vibration meaning our bodies are able to hold this vibration well using the water within.

A sound needs to be at a particular range of frequency so human ears can detect it. Generally, the range of detectable sounds is from 20 to 20,000 Hertz.  A sound that repeats itself at a particular speed/frequency is called a tone.

Frequency is how fast a sound wave moves

I have had experiences with feeling these vibrations as well as vivid mental visualizations of places that I never been physically.  This brought me to the question Is it possible to see sound.. if so how?

“The pineal gland is a superconducting resonator. Ananda [Bosman] claims it potentiates DNA as a multidimensional transducer of holographic projection.”

Superconductivity is a phenomenon of exactly zero electrical resistance and expulsion of magnetic fields occurring in certain materials when cooled below a characteristic critical temperature.

Resonator an apparatus that increases the resonance of a sound, especially a hollow part of a musical instrument.

Transducer a device that converts variations in a physical quantity, such as pressure or brightness, into an electrical signal, or vice versa.


So… The pineal gland has the ability to amplify sound and then create a holographic projection/image for the mind by converting sound into electrical signals similar to how your two eyes function.

“The first steps in this sensory process are the stimulation of light receptors in the eyes, conversion of the light stimuli or images into signals, and transmission of electrical signals containing the vision information from each eye to the brain through the optic nerves” -Eye Mechanics 

“Several researchers have also suggested that the pineal gland may prove to be more than just a hormone production gland, it may also contribute visual imagery to our visual cortex, a second visual platform. The pineal gland may be a third eye, but it is not a third eyeball. It has no lens, pupil or iris, but it does have a retina. The primary cell found within the structure of the pineal gland, the pinealocyte, is an evolutionary derivative of the photoreceptor cells found in the retina of the eye, so it is possible that the pineal gland is a receptive to some wave spectrum via crystalline particles found throughout the gland whose signal can then be converted into visual imagery via the pinealocytes”  –

While meditating I have noticed that the sensations I feel begin to change once I start to say a mantra to myself internally or externally (verbally out loud).

I asked myself why do the sensations change …. my conclusion was that “thought” is also vibration. When you think of something it actually carries a vibration similar to if you were to actually saying it aloud verbally. Knowing this, the next step would be to use a specific sound/vibration/mantra in order to achieve a certain tone resulting in tapping into a specific frequency bringing about a particular type of experience/feeling. Then going a step further by making this experience visual via pineal glands’ ability to create a holographic projection/vision through conversion of sound into electrical signal.

How does it feel or what will you see when you begin to hold or tap into a new or specific frequency?

Without knowing this information above logically. I once began meditating (focused on consciously breathing)  soon after I began seeing a very intricate pattern and through controlled breathing this pattern seemed to fly toward me and I began to see a new place… specifically a labyrinth of flowers.  Once The thought that I have been here done this .. came over me, I wanted to be in a new place. That instant I saw the pattern and I began to see a concert. There is more to this experience and I have detailed and told the story in the video below.

One important lesson I learned from that experience is once you reach a specific frequency the dimensional doors open for you to actually see and experience what is going on in that dimension/vibration. The door being the sacred geometry or thought patterns/ sound vibration/mantra. The key being your pineal gland, is used to turn the lock and convert the vibrations into vision. The breath being the foundation to your focus as well as the legs you use to walk through the door ways and experience what is beyond this physical realm.

Im sure there is more going on internally that I have not detailed but this is what I can share from my experience and research. Dig deeper and share what you have learned.

Side Note: The hormones created/secreted by the pineal gland may help with perceiving “visions” . One chemical/hormone that helps is DMT Dimethyltryptamine … Psilocybin is just one of many tryptamines that can be found throughout nature to assist with the process. Through specific environment conditions and breathing techniques DMT can and will be produced by the pineal naturally.

Mantras that I use …  Fa Ra On,  Lam, Vam, Ram, Yam, Ham, and  Om


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