Be Metaphysical: Dreams – 01

I was upstairs talking to this dude that does yoga  then we went down stairs and spoke with a man sitting to the right with a device in his hand that was unplugged but he seemed to be trying to get it to work and Yoga dude thought he was nuts but I understood somehow that he was just trying to get something to work the device cleans dishes or something then I went outside to  we was on a beach house and it was two girls that were olympian runners we had a race and ran down the beach and back  one of them gave me a head start but still ended up running faster than me. I remember having something tied around my face and it was effecting my teeth but i paid it no mind then it began to storm so I went back inside and waited for the storm to finish … the storm passed i came back down the stairs and as i was walking down the hall and out of house/apt/building (not sure)  i looked to the right and it was a group of children with 1 adult. They were about to paint a picture I walked past and went out side it was a bit dark but I tried to capture a shot of me doing yoga near the rocks as lightning was striking.

The next memory i was in a train station ( in retrospect it reminded me of the slightly abandoned bowery station J Line in NYC) and a guy was going up the escalator and he said something to me and I responded he said something again and then I responded a second time causing him to come down and try to fight we grappled for a second then let go of each other he went back on the escalator as he was going back up i said something and he responded  verbally then he took his hand out his pocket and dropped 10 and a 5 dollar bill rolled into each other. I pretended as if i was going to grab his money, like a juke tword him but I didn’t so he was offended or upset and came down to fight me again and this time when he grabbed me I just pushed him away and he landed on the train tracks at this point i wasn’t sure if he died or not so i said man let me get out of here before the cops come I remember two of my other friends being there and me saying it to them but i wasnt sure if that was them either way  i went down some stairs and hopped on the L train the conductor announced that the train will be delayed but soon after it took off and i was sitting next to two ladies and a guy was standing in front of one of them  they were drug addicts one of the girls said  to the guy standing in front of her “i need a fix you said you would fix me up” and he took her to the left side of the train car the other lady  said damn i want to get fixed at this point i was trying to see the map on the opposing side of where i was sitting to figure out which direction the train was going in brooklyn or the city so i figured it was going to brooklyn i hopped off at the next station to switch and get on the A train i stayed on the A train shortly only to get off  and hop in a cab (in retrospect i think i did this to avoid the police that may have possibly been looking for me for the fight from earlier) The cab was stuck in traffic I remember a cab driving next to us and I recognized the driver like he was a very familiar face dark hair but i cant really determine for sure who it was i think this guy i play basketball with anyway  he tried to convince me to hop into his cab but the driver let me know that it was 67 dollars so far so I only had 67 .. i told him ( the other cab driver) that i can’t go with you because it will be another fee that i can not afford .. i remember seeing a large stadium as I was looking back at him….  I wasn’t sure why it was so expensive but i didn’t argue i told him to pull over so i can gather my money don’t pass the 67 dollar mark  I rummaged through my belongings and i couldn’t find the 20 dollar bill that I just had in my hand he opened up the arm rest in the back  seat that had a little bit of weed and loose change and said i can put the change that I had on there so I can count it .. we pulled up to a terminal and I hopped out with my stuff but i forgot my camera in the car. It didn’t occur to me that i forgot it until about a minute after .. so i began to panic and ran back outside but the cab was gone i  frantically ran up to another cab thinking it was him but it was just a black dude in the car waiting for a client I’m assuming and couldn’t help me .. this panic prompted me to wake up … ( this is the second dream in a row that I have lost my camera  or laptop some how which causes me to wake up to make sure that I didn’t just lose it.. was just a dream..  either way I went back to sleep  within seconds after realization of it just being a dream.

The lucidity continues … I was over what appeared to be  floyd may weathers grandmas house or something and we were watching a boxing match and i said something to the nature of ” i liked this white guys style of fighting just when you think you have him he comes at you with more” not sure who i was talking to but soon after it was just me floyd and a lady named donna ( grandma type of figure) in the living room. I made a gesture to floyd and threw like a slow play punch to his gut which he moved slightly out the way for and i said “you getting up there in age champ” we were standing by the door. We went outside  and he received a call about a satellite or some kind of object that was stolen but the person tried to use it and it turned on the gps so he called the person and was like i told you i was going to catch you etc .. after that I saw a colorful spider crawling on the wall to the right of me and the spider changed colors. so he went inside and grabbed a jar and we captured it  as we were capturing it changed colors from a bright range of colors to a dark purple and floyd almost squished it but didnt..  we went inside to find a bigger jar to put the spider in we found one then soon after he got a call from a girlfriend that said she wanted to see him (im assuming from his response) so he was like okay ill come through where you at.  Donna asked me if i would help her out so i was like yeah and floyd began getting ready and weirdly he put on a white power ranger suit very strange but seemed normal at the time.  There were a lot of foreign cars in the driveway that needed to be moved out the way. So floyd hopped in what looked like a mini van but inside it was like a pod that covered his whole body with a steering wheel under it as well so he could drive and the seat reclined all the way back as the cover of the pod incased him…  the button to start the van was above the pod on the left side and orange there were about 4 buttons in total.  Me and donna helped him move the cars down the drive way and as we began pulling them back in the driveway a lady on a motorcycle pulls up wearing green pants and the bike looked like a green Kawasaki her body was nice at this point floyd was still inside the van and had to push the button again to start the car up  she hopped off the bike and began walking up the driveway and i was tempted to look at her legs/booty and what not but i was like nah I don’t want to disrespect so I  woke up and tried to figure out why he would keep all these cars in such a small house in the middle of the suburbs as i was waking up.  I began processing these experiences almost forgetting about the first dream I had about the beach because i remembered .. the second dream with the guy and the train tracks was quite easily and The floyd dream was the last before i woke up so that was fresh on my mind but the beach one almost escaped me.

The Lesson:

Very interesting experiences  I definitely been meditating much more lately and using mantras as I go into sleep. The only point of this lucid dream series I find interesting (at the moment) is the losing of the camera I rarely dream the same type of thing happening and the fact that me losing something in the dream prompts me to wake up to check for it in reality kinda hints at my attachments here in the physical.  Death is common in my dreams I have died more times than I can count so Im used to that, it usually just turns into another dream. I have to detach from relying so much on this computer and giving so much importance to this camera. The rest of it i think was just my mind entertaining me.