Crystal Select: Tangerine Aura

Alternate Names or Spellings: Melon Aura, Tangerine Aura Quartz

Tangerine Aura is quartz that is infused with gold, iron oxide and copper in extreme high heat and vaccum, then letting chemically purified mineral vapors into the chamber when the temperature and vacuum are correct. This bonds the metals to the lattice of the crystal, forming a permanent bond to the surface of the quartz which can’t be scratched or rubbed off and giving it a lovely tangerine color. 

Tangerine Aura is a stone of self-confidence and brings vision of your own unique gifts and talents. It is also a stone of creativity, bringing creative talents and inspiration to the forefront. It is said to assist with releasing sexual blocks.Tangerine Aura is also an excellent meditation tool. Physically, Tangerine Aura is used in crystal healing for cellular regeneration and energizing, sexual issues organs or disease, psychological resilience,  and stimulate circulation.  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. Tangerine Aura is related primarily to the Sacral Chakra.

As a synergetic fusion of clear quartz, gold, iron oxide and copper, it also carries the energies of those crystals.

Source – MetaphysicsOfCrystals