Be Metaphysical: Great minds feel alike

She may be bad but she stuck on her root chakra…. The meme made image_3me laugh but it reminded me of a time when someone asked me ” Have you ever thought about putting up a craigslist ad that reads ..looking for a partner knowledgable in tantric yogic activities & breathing techniques. Mandatory conscious requirements include patience, focus, yoga and reading of Mantak Chia cultivating male/female energy.”
Those that can relate know what it’s like to connect with someone on a higher level. You probably can also relate to the realization that some people you meet just won’t know enough. I find myself being even more selective and picky because I know what I’m looking for. If I’m not with someone open or just as knowledgable when it comes to higher/deeper levels of intimacy it will ultimately be regular intercourse or “human sex as a friend of mine calls it” lol  Ever seen the “This could be us but you don’t know about your chakras” meme? There is truth to it..

The “unspoken” issue I have been hearing from women and men I know in the yoga/conscious community.  Once you apply what you learn from something as simple as breathing & becoming more in tuned with yourself you will want to find and  be with someone that is just as tuned in as you if not more.  Attract who you are in sync with, that is where the magic happens & you find new experiences in a familiar feeling! Being a teacher is cool too there was a time when you didn’t know a thing or two either 😀 learn how energy works, give, receive and breathe!

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 7.53.41 AMThe solution I think works best for me is patience. Everyone has desires that feel as if they must be fulfilled. While your patiently waiting I think it’s best to focus on yourself. Increase what you know and be certain about what you wish to attract on all levels. There has been many times I received what I asked for but it wasn’t exactly how I wanted it.  Once you meet/attract/manifest  the person you wish to connect with establish open communication.  Be open about what you want and what you can offer. Usually this is the stage where insecurities and ego can lead you to holding back your true intentions in fear of being judged and or denied. Well if what you attracted is not fully what you want, being open and communicating is the quickest way to detect that and move forward.


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