Dr. Velu Annamalai: Africans In India

Dr. Velu Annamalai – Africans In India
The Original Inhabitants of India were dark-skinned and closely resembled the Africans in physical features. They founded the Indus Valley Civilization which, according to historians,was one of the world’s first and most glorious. Aryan tribes invaded India,destroyed the Indus Valley Civilization,and employed a cunning,deceptive religious ideology to enslave the indigenous people. Those who fled to India’s forests and hills later came to be called ” tribals”. As these native Indians were gradually overcome,captured and enslaved they were kept outside village limits and “untouchability” was enforced upon them. These people became “untouchables”. Part 1 Runoko Rashidi presents a short slide presentation detailing The African Presence in Early and Modern India. Part 2,Dr Velu Annamalai discusses the apartheid like class-caste struggle. Then he give a brief history of Sergeant Major M.K. Ghandi, being the # 1 Enemy of the Black Untouchables in India as well as the Zulu’S in South Africa during the Zulu and Boar Wars. It would seem that Ghandi was actually a a mouth piece for the British in the same way that MLK, being influenced by the philosophy of Ghandi was a mouth piece of the U.S.

Note how Dravidian / tamil people were called “untouchables” due to the colouring of their skin, probably one of the reasons they left India for Sri Lanka.


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