Firehawk x Yirser : Scorpion Pose Walkthrough

33 Disciplines …. Probably my favorite Sun Ra record @firehawkyoga knows about discipline and remaining consistent in her Kemetic Yoga practice! I feel very privileged to be the person capturing all these wonderful moments in time. I really appreciate the opportunity to learn and really soak in the knowledge as well as the vegan cheese cake lol my taste buds love soaking in that as well. Hopefully Ona can make it out to Jamaica for the retreat held yearly by Yirser Ra Hotep!!! Either way the full video of How you can assist someone with Scorpion Pose and help their feet reach their head to maximize the full flexibility of the spine. Look forward to Y O G A focus ondemand we will be creating a online channel to distribute instructional videos to you for as low as 1 dollar!!! Stay focused! For more information on Kemetic Yoga Retreats and Classes to reach Ona Hawk for classes in the Atlanta Metro Area.


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