MovingArtATL 2 Tickets Now Available


Watch the video clips below to see the epic night of Yogis and Artist coming together for MovingArtATL Part 1. Tickets are limited order while they are still available!  This is the hottest show in Atlanta that you do not want to miss!  Click the picture above to purchase your tickets. Go to For Exclusive One on One  Interviews from the Artist and Yogis that will be participating in the show.

Repost from @eyefocus … The night appeared to be an event but it felt like a party we all was waiting to celebrate. I appreciate getting a chance to meet almost all the artist and speaking passionately about what they live and love most! @linalarge is the dopest! @yoga_made_eazy is the coolest .. I would of been walking home if it wasn't for him lol … @lexie_nicole_ is super chill with effortless ease.. And I'm glad that I was able to get @jbsartistry In action working through her minds eye! @nina_beans is as jolly as can be.. @iamafrobella is like my thought pattern materialized in the form of an awesome person super energetic and full of life, creativity and passion! Wish I could hug her right now! @lifeisartatl is my brother from the same planet. @the_grantstagram is so graceful … @ezratheprofessional and @hippie_heathen y'all already know how I feel about y'all lol a smile comes to me at the thought of you two every time! There is more and I'll get ya later lol I made it out of jury duty without serving…Niiiiice Tag a Yogi – Artist and the state below and we will make it out to you next! #peace #meditate #yoga #yogi #yogaflow #yogafamily #movingArtATL #movingArtNC #movingArtTN #movingArtMIA ™@eyefocus

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Y'all peep @ambersmassage14 she got hops lol … It's crazy like 20 minutes ago at the Jamaican spot I walk in and guess who I see ordering some lunch special … @ambersmassage14 … Nice coincidence being I was thinking about her and this very clip before I decided to go there…. another special encounter that occurred at #movingArtATL Amber had me laughing and smiling from ear to ear! I love her energy can't wait to see what them hands. Do thoooo! Like I said before when you see @ezratheprofessional you already know the party is live @unstable_muse was making funny faces at me and telling our lil peace sign secret lol #movingArtNC #movingartDC #movingArtTN #movingartNYC #movingArtMIA Where should we go next? #yoga #yogi #wherethisstormcomefromtho?

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Another spakplug that is packed with raw energy is @yoginigyrl .. She has that life changing type of energy lol either way we had as much fun here as we did at the waterfall. After @yoginigyrl hit a headdstand and a few crow poses it was time to let loose…The 3 people that … Well 4 people that was there setting up before the show was @lifeisartatl @nina_beans and the amaaaaazing @iamafrobella there will be exclusive interviews from certain artist that will only be in the full #movingArtATL documentary film and not on YouTube so look forward to that …but back to @iamafrobella she definitely has a passion for yoga and art being she painted since she was 7 years old! oG in the game having a blast and showing love! B I G shoutout to @littlemsdaisha she drove down all the way from Baltimore to see the show #dedication so thank you for coming out showing support and being the beautiful soft spoken person that you are! .. If your downtown stop by @cityofink for@that @fakesavian exhibit! 4.20 roll a couple #movingArtATL #yoga #yogi #peace #beAlright #ifocus #movingartDC #movingArtNC #movingArtTN #movingArtMIA #movingArtMars #movingartNYC

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