Thank you!


We started infocus247 last year in February. We wanted to provide a visual platform for people that share their passion with the world, the people that teach others how to live a better life, the people that lead by example and show that it is okay to express yourself in all ways….. With this mission in mind A journey I could never imagine has unfolded. I personally have met with some amazing artist yogis and teachers all over the country. We started at 1 – 10 views a day on the site now it has grown to 200+ views and visitors daily. We have received so much love and support from you all and for that we would like to say thank you! We will keep reflecting the light you guys shine on a daily! @ifcukgurlz @pintsizenurse@superdopemin @lifeisartatl @firehawkyoga@eyeslikeearth7 @saraclarkyoga@movingminds2 @coyiasworld @aliajayofficial@lifeasdreams @markusprimelives@iammrresults @izettah@bluetreasurephotography @yoginigyrl@yeyosorganics @awanights @linalarge@miingini @abofa_life @yirser @olegna_e@j.chavae @minaminers @_dopeyoginij_ plus many many many more people that have shared a little bit of themselves with us! We truely appreciate it! Stay tuned there is so much more to come it’s what we are! #focused #movingArtATL2 #yoga#yogaflow #yogi #meditate #build #create




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