12 Secrets to Handstands w. CyberYoga

Here’s the 12 Key Takeaways to Becoming a Master-Cyber (kinda like a black belt) Hand-Balancer.

1. Humility goes a long way – lower your initial expectations.

Don’t expect everything to come easy.

Lamonte doesn’t.

And neither should you.

Valuable things are with waiting for.

And in this case no, not material things unfortunately, those things are useless. I’m talking mind-blowing things you can do with your body.

Lamonte Tales Goode The Asana Academy

If you aren’t willing to wait, quit. It’s simple.

Go play Angry Birds or Connect Four. This isn’t for you. 


2. Ignore the destination. It doesn’t matter. Focus on the dirt you walk on now.

And it’s so true. The destination isn’t important, seriously.

Focus on the ground you’re walking and ENJOY it.

Hear that?


Otherwise you’ll be miserable.

Achievement without acknowledgement is useless. You’ll still be miserable if you don’t learn to appreciate what’s in front of you.

3. Fall 20,000 times (Fall 500 times REALLY hard)

Here’s a one of the paradox’s of our world:

You can work so hard at something that people will think you DIDN’T work for it.

Sometimes, you can get so good at something, people dismiss it as magic.

Lamonte Tales Goode The Asana Academy

Falling is critical to the learning process. It helps to fine tune your proprioception.

4. Hit the bullseye by identifying your weaknesses

Work on things you’re not good at.

Let your ego take a seat on the bench.

Your only as strong as your weakest link.

Student’s think working on the strongest points of their practice makes them better.

Not true.

Working on the WEAKEST points of your practice will rocket you to the stratosphere. 

Lamonte Tales Goode The Asana Academy

5. Consistent Practice with a clear head

Again, work on appreciation of your own body.

Don’t focus on what you can’t. Focus on what you can.

Use ALL the tools you have at your disposal.

6. Cross pollenate – Learn from as many disciplines as you can

Here’s how a yoga class can cripple your development:

Being confined to your yoga mat is dangerous.

This is what many yogis do and they only learn to move in one way.

I encourage my students to explore movements that take your body off your mat.

7. Do crazy things to do insane things (and ignore the people who think you’re crazy)

A standout point from the interview:

Lamont used to try to balance on chairs in front of his friends.

His friends used to think he was crazy.

Until they saw him bust out an Airbaby 2 years later.

The point is, outside-the-box thinking rules.

If people DON’T think you’re crazy, you’re probably doing something wrong.

8. Do the Hardest Thing First (like a Figa as pictured below)

Lamonte Tales Goode The Asana Academy

It’s something you hear me preach. Set long term goals but don’t fixate on them.

Instead, analyze what needs to be done to improve.

For example:

If you’re working on handstand, don’t just practice it mindlessly, practice to understand what needs work.

If your arms feel like they’re giving out on you, work on other poses to make your arms stronger.

If your back hurts when you jump up. Work on stretching your hamstrings. Do this especially if you have a hard time with a pike.

To read the full article go over to the AsanaAcademy 

You can also join in on CyberYoga’s Facebook Page


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