Soccer ball generates energy

A soccer ball generates energy for an LED light.

An innovative Kickstarter project combines traditional sports playing with the art of technology. Called the Soccket, the product is essentially a soccer ball that can generate energy.

The designers state “the pendulum-like mechanism inside the SOCCKET captures the kinetic energy generated during normal play, and stores it in the ball for later use as an off-grid power source. Just 30 minutes of play can power a simple LED lamp for 3 hours.”

The ball is airless, deflation proof and water resistant. Housed in an EVA foam shell, it weighs only 17 ounces, about one ounce more than a standard soccer ball. Put together in the United States, it is capable of a 6 watt output.

The Soccket is being tested in the resource lacking areas of North America and South America. The balls have been given to some families with no light.

As The Soccket is kicked around and played with, the pendulum harnesses the kinetic energy by turning a generator connected to a rechargeable battery. Once finished playing soccer, an included Led light can be plugged directly into the ball, giving the gift of illumination.


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