Ram Bahadur Bomjon :The Boy With Divine Powers Extraordinary Documentary HD

A very interesting documentary. I find it funny when they say “the boy defies modern science”  with ancient practice. It shows the perspective of those that believe in only modern science. Modern scientist clearly can see what they know or have come to learn through modern science is not all there is.  Still they take on the defensive perspective as if anything else out side of what they know “defies” actuality. It seems more like modern science would like to deny/defy reality of the human possibilities. Imagine how many Mc Donald’s burgers would sell if everyone learned how to create energy from sunlight… similar to plants. A side note I remember reading about sacred geometry and how the same shape in your eyes a  “Vesica Piscis” it is the same pattern you can find on a cellular level of plants. This shape helps create energy from light /photosynthesis.  

Read more about that in the Flower of Life Vol 1 & 2 


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