MovingArtATL When Artist and Yogis Unite!  This is the second show brought together by Art curator Allen Rome.  The first show was a success and plans for the second installment began immediately. A few months later and here it is! The full video is online for your viewing enjoyment. We would also like to take this time to announce the third Installment of MovingArtATL… well should we say MovingArtNYC!  The Next show will be September 26th 2015. Tickets are Now Available at EventBright 

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.41.30 AM


The All Star Line Up will be in Attendance

Yogis :

  1. hippie_heathen
  2. yoga_made_eazy
  3. superdopemin
  4. dade2shelby
  5. pintsizenurse
  6. wonder_woman_o
  7. lexi_nicole_


  2. @viv.starr
  3. @artbyamarielle
  4. @ogmillie
  5. @breecheesecreations_
  6. @beeaux_
  7. @iamafrobella
  8. @inverttheworld
  9. @ezratheprofessional
  10. @bri.simpson
  11. @x_theartist
  12. lovelivecake

Plus a few surprise guest!


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