Day 1 Ayahuasca Experience with Maati RA


Written by Maati Ra 

My connection with Ayahuasca was the most emotional, challenging, sexually charged, spiritually intense, loving, yet out of this world experience I have ever had. To be quit frank, I believe I birth a super natural baby back into the universe. It was as if my body went into labor, deep breathing, and what seemed to be muscle contractions. As I write this article, the greatest challenge lies in expressing oneself , for some of the things I encountered, words can’t really describe what happened, but I’ll do my best.
Based on my research and interviews with others who’ve have try this medicine themselves, has had life changing transformation . They all shared how it’s altered their view of reality as well as being healed (mentally, physically, or emotionally) in the process. Ayahuasca, pronounced aya- waska, is a name given to the sacred plant medicine derived from Quechua language spoken by the Indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest jungle. It is also used in many other South America countries as well. peru-ayahuasca-kapitari-2011-0018-900x800 (1) Aya which means ancestor, deceased or spirit and Huasca which means rope or vine. So, it is also known as, “Vine of Soul or Vine of Death”. This liquid tea, brewed for 7 days, contains two different plants, a vine known as Banisteriopsis Caapi and the green leaves from Psychotria Viridis. The vine contains MAO-A inhibitors, and tetrahydroharmine which is a weak serotonin uptake inhibitor. The leaves contain DMT (dimethyltryptamine), a powerful psychoactive compound enabling powerful visionary effects which already natural exists created in the pineal gland (third eye) located in the human brain.


With Ayahuasca, is purging. It’s not really about the physical stuff coming out but the negative energy, emotions, blockages that stayed stagnant in our body.   It’s a cleansing of one’s body and mind.  I recommended at least a week before the ceremony, to fast from sugars, process foods, soft drinks, dairy, meat, sex or masturbation. The goal is to be light and receive complete full awareness within, not from without. That wasn’t pretty difficult to do being that I lost my appetite months ago to unexpected broken heart along with death in the family.   There is this saying, “You don’t choose Ayahuasca, Ayahuasca chooses you.” This statement definitely set truth for me. It’s the healing tea for the soul.


Day 1 Ceremony

The ceremony began Friday evening 9pm, greeted by other attendance, all wearing beautiful white garments, malokaabout 18, and was quickly introduced to the Shaman, a Rasta man. Within minutes of meeting him, he went right back to doing his works in setting protection of space from unwanted energy and bad spirits while giving much care to the ancestor alter…….a focused man. Once settled in, everyone made enough space against the wall for me to lay out my blanket, cover and pillow. I place photos of my 4 deceased family members, and gave a gift offering to the ancestral alter with Frankincense and Myrrh. At 10pm, the Shaman begins the ceremony, lights off expect for alter candles. He began by explaining the benefits of this tea also speaking a little bit about himself. He also expressed the importance of staying all together never leaving the room until the end of the ceremony, 8am the next morning. He than ask us to introduce ourselves and speak of the intention of why we came to experience the medicine. When it was my turned, I shared that as a healer, my intention was to heal so that I can heal others. After everyone shared, the Shaman ask everyone to stand up as he opens in prayer. Once done, each person in the circle , one by one, took turns coming forward to take a shot of the medicine. I was the 4th to step forward, heart racing yet smile on my face. As soon as the last person sat back down, the shaman starts to chant sacred songs, calling on to spirits to assist in bringing forth ancient knowledge, healing and protection. Next thing I hear are these magical drums to the mix. There were a total of 3 drummers including the shaman. While sitting down, back again the wall, I closed my eyes, joined in with a shaker, staying with beat, as the initial effects of Ayahuasca began to kick in, about 30 minutes in. I begin to feel light, expanded beyond my physical self. I was everywhere all at once. I began to slightly sway to the rhythm of the drums, coming back in my body.   Suddenly, it took me on a journey, tapping into depths of my root chakra revealing something true for me. The baggage, I’ve been carrying this whole time, was not even mine. It belonged to a strong consciousness, an intelligence, ancestral spirit. My sense of time was completely gone and I felt a heavy sensation of pain in my tailbone . The sensation began to spread to my womb, a vibration of energy in a circular motion. I felt the urge to bring my hands up high above me head. Fighting the sensation was only making my pain worse so I surrender, allowing my whole body to sway, hands in the air. My head now shaking very raptly , left than right, sensing my Kundalini raising. Sexually energy was now flowing through me, intense pain was still present in my root charka. Energy so strong, my hands and arms become numb. Once drumming stop, chanting continued.   My whole body started to cringe immediately going into birthing pose, breathing deeply, thinking to myself, I’m going into labor……wow. During this moment, I remembered feeling possessed by an ancestral spirit, a feminine spirit .   As drumming picked back up, spirit took over. I immediately felt this urge to dance . I glanced at everyone in the room, concerned for a moment what they may think of me.   It soon seemed clear that what they thought didn’t matter and I so began to dance.   This spirit needed to dance. The drumming helped with the pain and Kundalini help with directing the flow of my energy. During this dance, I felt alive, more than I’ve ever felt before.   My body moved in all directions, swaying at the hips, a belly dancer, a goddess showing off her skills, routing the high frequency in my hands, inward towards my womb, outward away back to the ethers. It no longer was me dancing but this spirit inside me. Drumming stopped, just as quickly , my body did too. Now in child pose experiencing more contraction all over again. This back and forth, up and down of dancing to labor continued to what felt like forever, until I finally purged. A much need break was grated, thanking the ancestors for looking out for me. As I feel myself come back, a random lady sat next to me. She said that there is a female spirit with me and that my dancing was the most beautiful flow she’s witness. She told me to allow the dancing to continue, that it wasn’t me dancing but this spirit, that she needed to dance to heal. Without glancing her way, I thanked her for that confirmation. Before I could say more, she was already gone. The break wasn’t too long before the Shaman offers several people a second dose. I wanted to do everything to fight taking a second round but before I could decide on my own, spirit made me stand right back up for a second round.

After taking another shot, it didn’t take too long for the next journey to kick in. Spirit keep begging for more drums . Things started to get over whelming for me, I felt smothered in the sage smoke, drumming stopped and sexual energy was crucial. I knew I needed to get some fresh air and hear nature so I ask permission to lay outside and only if I can have a female presence while I tried calming down. There, with me, outside was woman, a friend to the Shaman. She stayed with me, keeping her hand glued to my back, only leaving my side once I calmed down. I decided to roll over on my back in savannah looking directly up at the stars. Spirit spoke and said,

“All this anxiety you’ve been having, its all in your head. Change your thoughts, you rid of your worries. You are blessed with gifts, use them……..All, ….and be grateful for this experience, you’ll learn a lot this weekend. Continue to connect with nature, it will give you strength in your purpose. Leadership is lonely, No matter how big your team, sometimes it’s just you, which means you sometimes need to look inside yourself for motivation and inspiration. Iron sharpens iron, in time you’ll stop working alone and find an angelic God send like yourself and help sharpen each other. To handle yourself, use your head, to handle others, use your heart. Power isn’t control; power is strength and giving that strength to others. Stop being a reflection of your family and friends conditioning, this will only hinder your spiritual growth. All this baggage you carry isn’t yours but you are a reflection of me. I’ve been with you for a long time, life times ago. Know that once you get rid of all this trash, yours will disappear as well. “

I’m pretty sure there was more that was shared but this is the only details I can remember.   After, coming back aware of the physical present moment, I knew that what I was carrying wasn’t going to be relieved tonight or should I say earlier morning. One of the drummer came out to check on me and invited me back in to enjoy the remainder part of the ceremony.   Most everyone was sleep by then except for 4 and I joined them in a few more songs by Bob Marley, one of my favorites, “Redemption Song.” Before going to bed, I said a prayer, asking for strength, guidance and power for another evening of day 2 of Ceremony. I was determined to get this baggage out for good. Thank God, I decided to stay for both days.

Day 2 … Up Next


  1. Amazing recount of your experience. Hope it brings you the freedom and answers you are searching for in your life as a healer. Looking forward to day 2.

  2. Giving thanks to you divine one and your ancestors for sharing this beautiful story. I’ve had a strikingly similar experience my first time with Mother Aya. Danced all night with this female guardian inside me for about 5 hours, it was my way of purging through the sweat. A tremendous amount of love and protection I felt. Afterwards people said that my dancing was angelic, I had never danced like that in my life. She was powerful! The 4th time I took it I had a birthing experience as well. Blessings to you sistar!

  3. Beautifully expressed! I could vividly picture all the events taking place as I read the words that provided this imagery. I wished I was there, too, to participate. I have so much pinned up anxiety that I couldn’t imagine dancing so freely while others were in the room. I have tried for years to purge myself of this fear. I know I could benefit from this type of ceremony. As a healer, myself, I know there are still areas in which I need to heal in order to help heal others.

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