The Healing of our Wombs: The Healing of Our Planet

My journey has been one of natural health and healing for years. I have always been someone interested in using plant medicine and ancient methods for healing. This past year has been one of extreme changes and choices. I was listening to myself and my body more clearly. I was making decisions that were for my highest good and after some very deep introspection, I made a conscious choice that my next step was to strive to be the healthiest and most whole person I have ever been in life.

Following the birth of my third child, I was offered a Yoni steam from a local sistren in the community. I was ecstatic at the opportunity and had just received a Yoni Egg in the mail. Yoni is the sanskrit word for vagina or womb, it is the symbol for the goddess Shakti or Devi.

The Yoni Steam also known as a vaginal steam is a sacred tradition that dates back to ancient times. The Yoni Steam is an aid to provide wellness for women and is a beautiful tradition that I am hoping becomes common once again for women in the United States and World. Our wombs are powerful and sacred portals of manifestation and I just think of what the world could be if we all as women “healed ourselves” as Queen Afua says and began living our life from an empowered healed womb!

The Yoni Steam has many benefits including revitalizing the reproductive organs, healing fibroids, releasing trauma,reducing pain and decreasing menstrual flow as well as preventative care for menopause. The Yoni Steam has also helped women with hemorrhoids, healing tears from vaginal delivery and scars from C-sections.

I’ve had an intention to receive a steam for a while and this was the perfect time, post baby. She recommended, I have at least three steams after baby and I of course was ever so joyful to accept this beautiful offer.darshania steam1

The steam is a beautiful ceremony. I watched as she prepared herbs for the steam and gave me a brief description of what they were and what they were beneficial for. Each steam is different and can be administered with different herbs depending on what is needed for the woman. I was then guided to sit on a stool over a pot of water that had the herbs in it and wrapped with a sheet and then covered with a beautiful mudcloth.

During my first steam, I was guided to call out the names of those that I’ve shared my sacred fluids with and release anything from it that was no longer serving my highest good. I felt all kinds of emotions coming up, I felt guilty for not honoring myself in the best way with certain decisions I had made in sharing myself with people. I also realized how much I had shown myself disrespect and a lack of self worth by not choosing to use protection or even get to know certain ones who I let enter my Sacred Space. I had to let those judgements go and bless them as opportunities to learn and listen to my body as she spoke her peace.

My guide then asked me to ponder these questions, “What do you do to stay clean and honor your sacred channels? How do you visualize your life 3 years from now and what does it look like?”

Immediately after, she suggested I do a womb massage with the herbs and water from the steam and said it would be good to put my Yoni Egg in the water and let it become acquainted with my womb.

She told me that for up to 72 hours I could feel the effects of the steam and I definitely felt a purging and cleansing happening. I also felt lighter and more love with my womb as if she was thankful for the gift of detoxification and care after many years of neglect.

During the second steam, I was guided on a meditation on releasing any negative connections with partners whom I have had shared my portal with and invited me to bless and forgive them. She then advised that I ask for forgiveness from anyone I may have possibly hurt.This was a very powerful session for me, I never even thought about the fact that I was transferring my pain or hurt onto another. I had for the most part saw from my victim perspective in relation to my partners, so this was a much needed ceremony. I also vowed to not share my sacred portal with anyone until I felt really clear and healed from any past traumas, in order to not negatively affect my next partner.

I was truly moved and transformed with each steam. I felt more healthy, happy and blissful. I was clearer in my thoughts and felt more peace in my soul. Each session has proven to me, the power of our bodies and emotions.
The power that we can reclaim and give to our little girls is infinite if we begin from a young age sharing that the Yoni is our power place. I just imagine our next generation of women and how empowered and awesome they are going to be!

The Yoni Steam has just been another confirmation to me that we are always given what we need at the perfect time to assist in our growth and ascension. I would recommend it and think it should become something we see offered just as common as a manicure or pedicure. The steam is something you can do at home with a few basic materials so if you are not ready to hire a guide to do so you can research online and find what you need to do them in your own privacy. I would still recommend at least one session with a practitioner for the expertise they can add to the the experience.

Following these steams, I have continued on my commitment to my wellness and ordered a womb detox kit from the Yoni Steam Institute. I have since been performing these regularly. I look forward to sharing more of my wellness journey with you.

– Written by Darshania

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