Women & Entheogens Conference 2015


Women & Entheogens (W&E) is a group, a concept and a great combination!

We are courageous and open minded individuals from diverse backgrounds discovering ourselves at the helm of A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY.  We are for finding truth as W&E boldly goes where no man has gone before. Advocates of psychedelic exploration and research, W&E maintain that debunking myths between drug abuse and entheogenic use will create responsible adults who can make informed decisions in society.

Now BEARING FRUIT, the entheogenic movement has incubated since the 1960’s and W&E acknowledges the breakthroughs of entheogens in psychotherapy; deeply and profoundly affecting a growing number of people in a growing number of positive ways.

 We promote SOVEREIGNTY OF CONSCIOUSNESS and the right to self-knowledge, as we prepare for physical, psychic and spiritual transmutations with psychedelic use, as it is a world-class movement.

Exploring psychedelic research and experience, W&E are coming out, UNITING and having real dialogue.

Fore more information go to W&E Conference 2015