Blue Moments : Hug a Tree

Feeling Low, Hug a Tree!

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Trees are tremendously powerful plants being the largest and most spiritually advanced plants on earth. Just as they absorb carbon dioxide and sunlight, as most of us know, it transforms it into oxygen and food. These magical plants rely on light for majority of their nourishment, while water and earth minerals make up about 30% of their nutritional intake. Most of you guys think this is crazy but Go Hug a Tree! They absorb those negative frequencies we tend to carry around, transforming them into high vibration; hence the reason they are able to live long lives. Interested in meditation? Connect with our green friends, they are in constant meditation.

Throughout ancient times, our ancestors used all parts of the tree for healing and medicine. My first time, bonding with a tree, I felt an opening of my energy channels, a calmness flowed through my body, an aliveness, as if I always been in existence. As I’m a reflection, I help them as well with their own blockages and devitalized areas. It’s mutually, a true cultivation. Based on my studies, huge pine tree are best for healing. They radiate Chi, nourishing the blood, boosting the nervous systems, nurturing souls and spirits. Pines are known as the “Immortal Tree.”

So, Here is a Challenge. On your lunch next lunch break, relax under a tree, just as the tree, keep very still, absorbing the Earth’s Energy and the Universal Force from the Heavens. Then, come back to this post and comment on your experience.

Photographer [ Maati Ra ]

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