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BrogiYoga is what Briana likes to call her style. Coined by her husband it’s a style she has made her own. Vinyasa is Sanskrit for “flow.” In a Vinyasa class you will flow from pose to pose like a dance while using your breath as a pattern of rhyme. Emphasis is placed on how you feel in the pose, rather than how you might look. Traditionally this is why we don’t use mirrors. BrogiYoga adds in the power of Ashtanga while keeping the fluidity of Vinyasa.

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We took a trip to the calming waterfall for a quick session. Im always pushing everyones limit beyond what they think they can do! Walking across the top of the waterfall was the limit 😀 Cant wait until we link up next time @Briyr Look forward to more cool inspirational videos + Instructional videos from us this year… FOCUSTV…


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