Brazil Approves Medical use of Ibogaine

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Above is a map of ibogaine legal status in various countries around the world. For legal references and/or a chronology of legal decisions, click on the icon related to each location.

Today (1.15.16) the government of São Paulo issued a statement that opens the door for the funding of psychoactive substance research. Further, based on observational evidence produced by Brazilian researchers it also now allows for the less restricted administration of ibogaine for the purpose of substance use disorder treatments in the state. This decision is expected to be extended to the rest of the country over the next several months. The statement stipulates that treatments should take place “in a hospital environment, with medical supervision and control, meeting the exercise of the profession and the recommendations of good clinical practice, including rigorous clinical and psychiatric examinations and psychological assessment and psychotherapeutic monitoring.” You can find the declaration under the Brazil tab on

Since ibogaine was introduced to the western world as an addiction interrupter it has been slow to gain approval as a prescription medicine for various reasons despite the success of the early phases of clinical trials and continued research.