Dirty Water of Michigan

The crisis in Flint, Michigan, hit a fever pitch this week as 10 were killed by Legionnaires disease and many more sickened in addition to the ongoing lead contamination crisis, where some areas shows contamination levels that the EPA classifies as “toxic waste.”

Residents of Flint have started flooding social media with pictures of the water that state officials insisted for months was safe, despite growing evidence that they had reliable information showing how toxic the water truly was.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 9.24.35 AM

And it’s not just homeowners who are affected. Even the local hospitals have been hit by the crisis, as one tweeter showed the dangerous water even in what should be a fairly sterile environment.

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Protesters have been protesting at the capital demanding Governor Rick Snyder’s resignation for his role in the crisis and for his failure to act appropriately, many holding bottled tap water to showcase how obviously and thoroughly the water is polluted.

A protester displays the poisoned tap water from Flint during a demonstration at the Michigan state capitol.

Michigan’s House Minority Leader Tim Greimal (D) addressed the assembled crowd Thursday at the capitol, calling for Snyder to resign if he knew of the crisis and did nothing. Meanwhile, Snyder continues to defend his record and insists he did not know about the extent of the crisis until at least October 1st.

Most of the effects of lead poisoning are irreversible and can be serious, even deadly, and the exact extent and severity of the lead poisoning in Flint is still unknown.


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