Creative Wellness Project Interview

We all admire the unapologetic artist.  The ones who transcend the rate race rules. They’re the ones who place no limitations on their creative endeavors while fine tuning their art.  Film maker, photographer Jahaan London is the quintessential creative native.  His website offers thoughts on meditation, energy, and pranayama.  He often works with yogis in beautiful locations, offering powerful yet sensual images centered on the spirit. Here’s his take on creative wellness.

 Tell us about your background and what inspired you to start practicing yoga? My background at the moment is filled with Buddha statues jade elephants and a few crystal clusters.  I have been writing since I was in grade school. From elaborate adventurous tales in my composition notepad to love letters to any young lady sitting near me who showed a smile. I began practicing yoga randomly but I stuck with it because it enhanced the flow of energy as well as the experience with learning on cubensis.

What does your art/ yoga events aim to do?  Our art and yoga events aim to bring people together and provide an holistic experience while having fun.

What has been your biggest challenge and how do you overcome it? I look at all “challenges” as an opportunity. I haven’t found a challenge that I have not been able to get through with success. If you focus you can make all your accomplishments manifest.

What book would you recommend everyone should read?  I recommend reading a book that you have written! I could suggest a list of books but I think encouraging others to create their own books and share their experiences of life via story telling is much more powerful.

Who’s your favorite yogi and why? Idolizing writers and yogis, people has never felt necessary to me. Everyone can be learned from good and bad.

Do you have a creative wellness practice? Something creative that you do to encourage yourself to take better care of yourself? Yes, my creative wellness practices is very simple. I breathe. I think breathing is not as visually appealing as yoga moves so it often gets put in the back of our mind. I focus on consciously inhaling and exhaling to maintain wellness of mind body and spirit.

Source – TraceyCoretta