50/50 Record Now, Pay Later



50/50 Focus …. We have decided to create an offer that will meet you half way. This offer allows you to capture your event, yoga practice, festival, fitness workshop etc without having to pay a dime up front!  This is a limited offer and we will be selective on the projects we choose to go with.   We will come out to record your gathering  for 2 – 5 hours. You will have the option to purchase the raw footage when your ready for a flat rate of $150 for video files &  $150 for photography. Customized edits can be purchased in addition to your raw files. The rate of editing is determined by the duration you would like your video to be.  For example: A 30 second edited clip under this limited offer will cost $150.  All files will be delivered via dropbox link on completion of payment. A USB hard-drive can also be utilized to transfer files if necessary. There will be one complimentary edit included in the purchase of raw footage.

Reach out and let us record your gathering/event etc!


The Yoga workshop below was captured in Houston with Yirser Ra Hotep.

This was a panel discussion with Sacred Brooklyn Yoga. They discussed the struggles and challenges of becoming a Yoga teacher as well as the true benefits.


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