BlogTalk: Tantric Master Shantam Nityama

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Shantam Nityama is out to shake the world up with his presence. He has pioneered his own revolutionary form of bodywork designed to take men and women on a journey from sex to superconsciousness, while healing at the deepest levels. A disciple of Osho since 1980, Nityama also utilises his expertise in numerous healing modalities, including Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Bodytalk, Advanced Medical Qi Gong, Bowen technique and Neuro-Structural Integration technique.

Moving from country to country teaching workshops on conscious sex and relating, Shantam Nityama induces spiritual transformation on every level. With irresistible humor, he uncompromisingly invites everyone to shake off their societies conditionings, break out of their old patterns and reunite with their inner being.

+1 415 259 9034

+1 415 439 9902

Workshop and Private Session Requests

Nityama offers group workshops for men, women or both.  The workshops are customised to suit the interest of the group.

Rates vary depending on the community, as well as the length and content of the workshops.

To request a workshop or sessions in your area, please email: