(Kulli) Black Incan Corn

Over 2700 years ago the Incans had already started building their empire in Peru. Archeologists now believe that corn and llamas were basis of the Incans surge to power. Although thousands of forms of corn exist in the Peruvian Andes some forms have a very noble and well known history. The so called Kulli or Kculli Strains of purple or black corn are ancient and have been used perhaps for thousands of years.

Kulli corn is almost jet black to the eye, it is so rich in anthocyanins that when cobs and kernels are soaked in water, (like they have been since antiquity by the Peruvians), they turn the water a deep purple. This drink is famous in Peru and is called Chicha (it’s flavored with other yummy ingredients too!). Joe is super proud to have a limited quantity of this amazing corn. It is from the high Andes, which are “tropical” hence it probably will need a long ..long growing season, circa 150-180 days, but if it sets cobs it will amaze you with it’s beauty. And it is not only beautiful it is a nutritious!

Source – RareSeeds