7 Reasons To Choose Castile Soap

If you care about your health and wellness, then you’ve likely begun to do your research on the best products for achieving desired benefits without subjecting yourself to harsh chemicals. Enter castile soap.

Having originated in the Castile region of Spain, it is an all-natural vegetable oil-based soap. The purest varietals are genuine soaps without the complex blend of detergents that we often find in many commercial liquid soaps (with many not even having actual soap in them at all).

Here are 7 reasons why you should opt for the real deal castile soap

1. It’s natural and free of toxins.

Many of the soaps available today contain a plethora of unfortunatetoxic chemicals. Putting chemicals on the skin may even be worse for you than ingesting them, since they get absorbed into the bloodstream without the filtering of of the digestive system. But castile soap only has vegetable-based ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, hemp oil and jojoba oil, as well as water and essential oils.

2. It’s typically organic, vegan and fair trade.

Since castile soaps use vegetable oils instead of animal (tallow) fat, they are a great option for vegans. The most popular brand is Dr. Bronner’s, which is a certified vegan and cruelty-free liquid and solid castile soap. And many of the ingredients have been sourced using Fair Trade principles, and are certified organic and GMO free.

3. They don’t promote bacteria.

Strange enough, many of the liquid soaps that are marketed as “anti-bacterial” can actually promote the growth of bacteria like hard-to-kill super bugs. Many of the brands contain a synthetic antibacterial ingredient called triclosan, which is a chemical that is registered as a pesticide with the EPA. Animal studies show that triclosan can aid in the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

4. They lather easily.

If you prefer natural soaps, you may have found that they don’t lather well, since they don’t use Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), which is a chemical whose primary function is to foam up. Many brands opt out of this chemical since it has been shown by nearly 16,000 studies to be toxic. In animals studies, it has been found to have adverse side effects like eye damage, depression, labored breathing, diarrhea, severe skin irritation and even death. Castile soap has a high-foaming lather without the health risks, however. The potassium hydroxide converts the vegetable oils into soap and glycerin, so you’ll need less water to lather up than typical liquid soaps.

5. It’s a safe option for babies and pets. 

Babies and pets have no say as to what you clean them with, which makes it pertinent that you use products they can trust. Natural castile soaps have natural ingredients and a chemical-free formulation, so they won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin or eyes like that of your child’s or furry companion’s.

6. They’re environmentally friendly.

Along with being free of artificial foaming agents, colors, fragrances, chemical detergents, petrochemicals and toxic anti-bacterial agents, castile soaps are manufactured with natural products, making them biodegradable.

7. They’re an incredibly versatile product.

There are so many incredible ways you can utilize castile soap. Here are a variety of ways:

  • Foaming Hand Wash
  • Sensitive Skin Face Wash
  • Nourishing Body Wash
  • Coconut Milk Shampoo
  • Bubble Bath
  • Unisex Shaving Cream
  • Soap Toothpaste
  • Hair and Make Up Brush Cleaner
  • Removing Pesticides from Fruit and Vegetables
  • DIY Dish Soap
  • Dishwasher Detergent
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Floor Cleaner
  • All-Purpose Household Cleaner
  • Exterior Window Wash
  • Non-Toxic Toilet Cleaner
  • Natural Dog Shampoo
  • White Oil Natural Pesticide

For a closer look at how you can use castile soap in these 18 ways, check out this list.

Source – WiseMindHealthyBody