Book Select : Ancient Fu-Ture

Ancient Future celebrates the wisdom of those ancient civilizations that did not disassociate the philosophical, spiritual, and material realms of life. This book is an attempt to re-create this holistic experience in hopes that a synthesized view of life will become reality in the 21st century.



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Wayne B. Chandler MS, CPH, SCE, is the author of: “Ancient Fu- ture: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt.” Praise: “Ancient Future is a compel- ling look at our past, present, and future. It is a timely book that will help to motivate as well as enlighten all who read it. As a source of infor- mation relevant to our current po- litical and spiritual climate, Ancient Future will surely become one of the outstanding books in the years ahead, and will stand the test of time.” –Dick Gregory “The philosophical and scientific axioms engendered by Hermes or Tehuti are brilliantly analyzed by Chandler…Clearly, his knack for detail stems from his tremendous photojournalistic skills. In the dias- pora, Chandler is probably the pre- eminent photojournalist. Because of Chandler’s contribution, the spirit of humanity can be defended by apply- ing these principles to life for human transformation.” –Dr. T.O. Moore, Neuroscientist
And: “The Brighter Side of Darkness: A Light Warrior’s Guide to Inner Al- chemy and Spiritual Transforma- tion” (Projected Publication 2013) Chandler is an Anthro- photojournalist specializing in an- cient African and Asian civilization, philosophy and culture. From 1985 to 1995 Chandler was a regular con- tributor and co-author in eight pub- lications of the Journal of African and Asian Civilizations, a series of books produced annually and edited by famed Professor Ivan Van Sertima and published by Rutgers Univer- sity.