Podcast : 108 Sexual Entheogen & Pineal Puberty

What is Tantra? How has an ancient modality utilizing life force energy been diluted to a western sexual practice? Can we harness and secrete our own endogenous sexual entheogens? Author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy: The Yoga of Deep Spiritual Intimacy, Stuart Sovatsky posits that a there are advanced stages of kundalini awakening for spiritual intimacy and orgasmic pineal maturity that activate endogenous psychoactivity. Sovatsky argues that beyond the genital puberty there is a state of spiritual awakening via the yogic maturation of the hormones, neurotransmitters and sexual fluids into innate sexual entheogens mediated by the pineal gland. This shamanica medhra is a ‘maturation beyond the genital awakening’ and feeds the life force energy or Seed of Life into a harmonious flow of family and spirituality to anchor the Divine on earth, but it has largely been ignored in the West. Does the psychedelic experience itself tap into this pineal puberty expression? Can we endogenously activate the entheogenic potential within us using tantra? For more information:https://stuartsovatsky.com/

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