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We had an opportunity to catch up with Rock3Roll … an awesome yogi I follow on ig. Her page is filled with insight and life lessons straight from the heart. Sometimes cool quotes aren’t enough to capture the raw reality life provides thats why I was interested in learning more about her!

First thank you for getting the ball rolling by joining in on the fun! Photo Jul 20, 7 35 18 AMI think this will definitely help those that are interested in wanting to get a deeper insight on who you are as a person through your experiences and yoga practice!

The questions below are all based on Rock3Roll’s IG .. A balance between fun and seriousness 😀 


From scrolling through your IG  page I can see your a world traveler! Have you found the place that makes you want stay for a while longer to settle and experience what it has to offer? If so where would that location be?

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I always go back to the beach. Always. I wish I could give you some deep, reflective answer as to why that is, and will always be, but the truth is, it’s always where I’ve felt the most at home. My childhood wasn’t swell (pun J) but the beach, everything was bliss at the beach when I was a kid. I can see that stretch of Galveston shore in my mind right now typing this out. Even now, currently taking a travel break in NYC, I’ll tune out to a beach in Hawaii while I’m walking. The closer I am to it, the more rooted I feel. I’m restless when I’m too far from the ocean. I’m someone who needs to be reminded of the sense of urgency that is life- that it’s small and short; and the ocean is the biggest voice who has ever had the power to sober me, change me, ask me to leave, tell me to stay, and not once ever made me feel guilty for being away too long.

Photo Jul 20, 7 32 42 AMI don’t see myself as someone who will ever settle. I once had a medium tell me the same thing. That in the moment we had spoken, I was settling for a life that wasn’t mine. I find when the feelings of those times creep up, I start to look at flights… I’ll settle in my grave someday

What would consider a necessary element for RockॐRoll that can be applied to Yoga?

It’s interesting that you ask that because I’ve been so afraid to pursue that blog. Which is so f*cking stupid. But I think it’s because what I’d want the most is for that to take off, for me to build it out the way I see it, and really do it. I get paid to do it for companies currently, but I can’t do it for myself. I know it’s deeply rooted in the “if I don’t try, then I’ll never fail,” sentiment. Which, not attempting to do something because of fear is already a failure in my book. Photo Jul 20, 7 33 02 AM A necessary element for my own movement is just constantly, constantly reminding oneself that you live in your own world; to tread so lightly around the worlds of others, and never take lack of understanding personally. The concept of Maya in Yoga is impart this notion that I lack true knowledge of the worlds others live in, of their spiritual development, and therefore I should always be cautious with the ways others interpret and convey how they feel about my world, my development, my spirituality. That’s a tough one; because I take stepping in dog sh*t personally, so everything is an insult when you speak about my existence, or your feelings on how I live my life. I’m naturally very defensive. Not to your face… but I will never forget something you said to me six years ago. It’s the reason I don’t play golf with my dad.

Plus how…

Reflecting on your first memory, walking on the beach in Galveston… if you were from the ocean, describe what a society of mermaid yogis would strive for in the sea and on land.

This might be my favorite question of all time. I would live under thePhoto Jul 20, 7 33 42 AM sea a hell of a lot like the way I like to live on it which is: work/play/more play/ bonfire (would have to figure out a way to pull that off under water.) Don’t tell anyone, but I’m kind of a huge loner…so I’d probably have like a mermaid nightclub and coffee shop where I could socialize, and then bounce to the deep ocean when I felt like doing my own thing.

How did it feel being featured in Women’s Health Magazine and if you could choose which publication would you like to see your yoga practice in next?

That was honestly really random! One of the brands I rep had asked us to use that hashtag, I did a few times, and then boom I got emailed it was chosen. The goal is to eventually take my life on the road full time in a truck and trailer situation. I’d love for my practice to be featured in Nat Geo for that trip.

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There is nothing like traveling alone. No one to tell you when to stop, no one to tell you to stick to the plan; no one to tell you I told you so. It. Is. My. Favorite. 😜 Today I’m unloading the first part of my trip to Maui. The goal? To show you where to GO on THE CHEAP. For example… Interested in seeing Haleakala? Camp for $15 for 3 nights TOTAL… And enjoy this

What did you find yourself holding onto and letting go of this year?

Well. When you sent me this questionnaire, Photo Jul 20, 7 34 15 AMI was in a horrible place. I was letting go of a relationship I worked really hard on and for. It ended up being the best thing that had ever happened to me (which is what everyone ends up saying hopefully after a break up.) I let go of him, but I also really let go of the idea of me being in a serious relationship again. I just realized through that experience of what type of partner I was capable of being (a great one,) but that I didn’t want that level of intimacy or responsibility ever again. It was draining. I don’t see myself getting married either. I’m sure it’s all some crazy defense mechanism, but the truth is I think that level of commitment isn’t within my realm of emotional reach. And I’m sure I could work on that, or I could work on other things in life… like saving to buy a boat. I’m happy with the whole in and out of relationships flow of life. You meet more people that way…

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What are some of the key lessons you learned that someone may find useful in recovering from pain physical as well as mental and emotional?

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I talked to an old man at the lava pools yesterday about letting go. I had come there to throw a bunch of sh*t I now hate into the ocean. I wanted to watch it violently get slammed on the rocks. I needed to watch it get pulled out into nothingness. He told me he saw a lot of ash on my soul. Hate sometimes happens out of nowhere, even if we think its all been done and settled. I came back to NYC a year ago tomorrow. I know a lot of what I’m feeling this week is recycled from last year: regret, remorse, more regret. I never told anyone that on that 12 hour flight home I cried. For 12 straight hours. I knew it was all a mistake and I had f*cked up. I had told everyone hoping someone would save me from my decision, that ultimately, was mine to be responsible for. He said forgiveness can gently lift ash. That if I truly let go, my exhale would be my escape; I would be free. I showed him the pieces I couldn’t let go: the shame in the back of my neck, the failure in my shoulders, the enormous regret in my belly. I told him the good that came of it, about her, and the fact that I’m here again even. All of which he reminded had nothing to do with what I had gone through. They were choices I made. I was here because of me, and no one else. I was just about to list all of the things I wanted when he told me about you. “His constitution is a lot like yours: tough and striking. But he’s a lot gentler than you are.” He said my ash is preventing us from meeting. If I can rid myself of that-there will be enough room for you.

There is so much power in forgiveness. The way people, or circumstances come down on you, has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with you. Your attitude has to constantly evolve to, “What can I learn from this? How can I grow from this? How will I be better from this?”

How important is it to balance out going with feeling and making a plan before taking action in what you wish to achieve in life?

I think it’s always important to have a plan when it comes to your finances. Provided those are lined up, I think nothing else matters- I can’t tell you how many times in the last 8 months alone I’ve said, “F*ck it,” and just did whatever seemed to feel like the best fit. I’ve fallen a few times, but I figured it out.

I like the phrase you said “mat magic” Being a yoga instructor yourself how do you get the students in your class to feel the release or reception of new emotions and sensations throughout their practice?

I prefer much more to teach on a Stand Up Paddle Board nowadays. I find that it’s the only place in my own practice where I’m not anywhere in my mind. Most of the time in a class, I’ll be rolling through a list of what I’m doing once I leave, or trying to remember lyrics to a song I just heard that I want on my Yoga Playlist. No such thoughts exist on the water. It’s either nothing, or “…I’m falling in…”

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I want YOU to come heal with me in Hawaii. I know what it feels like to be stuck in the grieving process. It’s discouraging to feel as if one day, you make huge strides, and the next it’s 20 steps back. One of the biggest opportunities for my own personal healing has been my SUP yoga practice. I feel strength in my grief on the board. On the mat my mind drifts. On the board it stays focused on moving and not falling in. 😅 Being so focused on every nuance my body makes and how that effects the articulation of the board literally translates off-board as to how we have to constantly readjust and give ourselves room to fail (falling-in) in our lives. There is energy in water- it holds the keys to providing renewal and relief. Come experience the freedom of practicing on the Ocean in Oahu.

It’s easier for me to tap into emotional releases in that setting because I have the biggest teacher right underneath me. When I was teaching in Waikiki, I felt as if I was teaching with the tide. It was amazing.Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 9.06.47 AM

“Sometimes I don’t even think I’m a person”, would you like to elaborate on that and how yoga could be one gateway to going beyond yourself in a sense.

I’ve tried for years and years to identify with the ways that mainstream society thinks. Go to college, get a great job, find a great partner, get married, save for a time in life when you’re too old, or too sick to do anything with it, and somewhere in there, have kids. I feel like living of the grid for a while rewired my brain to not feel bad that those desires don’t exist in me. I used to be incredibly judgmental of those who had those values as well. And now I’m not. Now? Now more than ever, I think everyone should do whatever brings him or her happiness without judgment. If you’re happy and not hurting anyone? I don’t care what you’re doing. I’m happiest living on the road. I wish I could give you a day, time or year that I’d stop…but the truth is no one knows.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers of infocus247.com ?

Everyone: FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS. They are the truest of ‘trues. And if you always align yourself with your GUTS, you will end up MORE than just okay.

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So much  l o v e.



Thank you for taking a slice of time to share a little bit more about yourself I hope someone out there is inspired!

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