Be Metaphysical : Will to Run Day 7 – 9

Day 7 7.29 (3 miles)

Wasn’t too sure if I wanted to run today but I did want to get out the house so I threw on some running shoes and went to the river to workout and get into the sun.  Did my normal workout, soon after my normal walk turned into a run after i felt the blood flowing.  The insects seemed to be attracted to me today or I just happened to notice them more. I did the normal “cleanse path”

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.54.43 AM  I definitely can feel progress as these runs are becoming easier to me.  Ive taken some time to read up on what would be a good diet to maintain these runs and it seems like what I have been eating is the same as what most sites recommend. Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.35.21 PMSteady increase of carbohydrates and starches. My normal diet consist of just that! Rice, Pasta, Potatoes Fruits and Vegetables! to keep it simple. So it seems like I was on the right path from the jump. Ive been drinking lots of liquids. Coconut water/milk is the main intake. After I ran the 17 miles I noticed my overall weight definitely was less.  I don’t weigh myself on scales but I have a pretty accurate feel for where I am being I usually don’t go below 145 or above 160.  Either way the waterfall was calling so I made an effort and ran my way over to the runners seat after some yoga!

Im thinking of preparing for another downtown run next week. This session I want to see if I can complete the 17 miles within 3 hours. Being prepared with the right nutrition was one thing I didn’t have planned out so I want to see the difference it will make with proper preparation. I think I have the mental will down pact to make these runs. The mind can definitely push you pass the limits of the body but the body does  have limit.  if you can get to the breaking point to find out what that limit is.. all the better for knowing. I remember playing basketball one day in the summer heat  and my leg completely stopped working. I just couldn’t move it, I literally was stuck standing under the rim with a semi-paralyzed leg as everyone continued running up the court. From that day I learned when the body is done you will know because it will just stop working. You wont even have enough energy to process pain it will just stop working.

Day 8 7.30 

B R E A K . R E S T . R E C O V E R

Day 9 7.31 (3.91 miles)

Sipping some peanut punch, and preparing to run. Ive been thinking about time lately and how fast I can be with these runs but I just enjoy running right now so I haven’t really taken hitting time limits into consideration quite yet. Im downloading the Nike Run App to keep track of some of the progress ive been making.


That felt good. Took a quick stop at the waterfall as usual. It’s the weekend so it was packed with people as I expected. Had to step over a few people to get to my spot and let the water run over me. Usually I do some yoga before jet setting but I couldn’t really find a spot that I liked. People kept asking me to take their photo like I’m some photographer or something ugh lol. Either way I made it back and it’s time to down some smoothies and delicious vegetables. I actually like this Nike app even though I run in Pumas… Keeps track of just about everything you would want it to. I even can check out some stats from a few of my Facebook people. Until next time run it!  Add me if you use the app!