Be metaphysical The will to Run Day 14 – 17

Day 14 8.4 (7 miles)

Started the run a bit late so it was cooler than expected out. Still warm nonetheless and I really felt I was ready to run today. I think I’ve been able to assess my body pretty well as far a capabilities of the day. It felt as if I could push myself pass 5 miles. That led me to running the trail and making loops around the path. It’s humorous when people see you for the second and third time still running. They give you this look like of interest to why you are running so much or is this the same person that just ran past me. Verbalizing those exact words at times.


At about 6 miles I decided to cool off in the water for a quick rinse. I haven’t been doing yoga in between runs at the waterfall like I started doing in the earlier days of this challenge. It’s been so many folks there that I’d rather just people watch and water listen.

Day 15 8.5 (0 miles)

There is a group on Facebook that I’m in (Nike+) Run group. Those runners are definitely motivation. Some people are on 100+ Day streaks which I commend and has helped me realize I am not a streak runner. 😂 Running every single day is not my thing I definitely appreciate days off so I can collect myself, keep on weight and have energy for the longer distance (15+) mile runs.

Day 16 8.6 ( 3 miles)

Today my legs were feeling tight. As soon as I began running I realized the back of my thighs weren’t ready. Still cold for some reason but I knew once I started going they would loosen up. The only issue with that was today I planned to aim for more speed initially. The back of my thighs were not quite ready for that, giving me more resistance to the mission. Took of running and found myself doing a 10 second walk break as soon as I made to that blasted Uphill section 😂 The motivation music provided did help me push through and keep those walk sections under 10 seconds. I managed to make a mile at 8:22 Not bad but i think and would like to get that down to 6-7 without gasping for air as soon as I hit the uphill section (1.3 miles) The extra speed agenda definitely took away the casualness I like to feel during these runs. The challenge made the waterfall feel so much better. The harder you run the greater the reward.


Day 17 8.7 (0 Miles)

Today the thought of pushing 10+ miles crossed my mind. Instantly after that was a thought of mm naaaaah 😂 I determine how hot it is outside by the sound of the crickets and they are pretty loud this morning. I do plan on running after I get my workout complete. Maybe I will feel up to a 10+ session after that. Someone on Facebook suggested they wanted to begin running with me but their lack of confidence has led me to think they may not be serious. I enjoy running alone and definitely don’t like to look backwards! I definitely need new running shoes my poor old Pumas are starting to show their age. The shoes I really really really want are those Human Race adidas! Size 10.5 I’ve been speaking them into existence 😂


I may need to contact Adidas for a visual exchange or something. I’ll make a few promo videos for them even though they are sold out every where I look. Just send 10 pairs and pick 10 runners and I’ll make something great that represents the Human Race!

11:00 pm Still have not made it around to running and I don’t think I’ll be doing any late night sprints. Today was slightly busy but I did get a nice workout in! I’m thinking about making up for it with some double digits tomorrow!


    1. Yes I would like them as well 😀 … I visited your website. You are using a photo I captured of Maati Ra to promote “Kemetic Yoga at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts” If you can please give credit to for the use of the photo. Thank you!

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