The Spiritual Reflex

Spiritual Reflex – Written by Maati Ra Maatii-46

Divine presses down into our space and brings these challenges into our personal and collective lives.  How do we respond?

Spiritual Reflex:
We can either react as helpless and hopeless victims, depressed, confused, overwhelmed, unsupported, lost, blame others or We react with ingenuity, support, love, determination, creativity with a knowing of worth and valued.

The Challenge:
How do we respond. Our Reflex.  This is the time that we tune in to what is really important to us, what makes us move?  I’ve had to ask myself, Do I really love, care,  and support myself? What are my real values? What really fulfills me, my sense of purpose and meaning? What I’m I doing to activate my purpose in life and those I am close to?

We have spiritual pressure points that need some stimulation to get us to reflex, express, love, give, serve, develop, connect and fulfill its purpose for being alive.Maatii-20

Set those meetings, send that message, begin to run, take action in your goals, give lots of hugs, continue to pray and meditate.  I’m choosing to respond to this time of challenge with change while paying very close attention to those who stay around with support & love and those who seemly dissolve & disappear.   An Amazing Detox.