The Roswell Mill Waterfall Meditation & Photography Session

The Roswell Mill Waterfall Photography

The Roswell Mill is one of the best places to get a break away from the city life without driving or hiking to far. Not everyone has a waterfall in their backyard but the mill makes it feel like there is one right around the corner and it is! I often run to the waterfall when hiking or jogging some miles on my Nike+ Run Club App. Once I get hot enough I run right over to the water and rinse off under the flow of the water. I think of the process and journey as a whole meditation in itself. When I noticed that  was hosting yoga and meditation sessions at the spot i’m so familiar with I offered my services and we managed to capture some great photos and a pretty good video!  If you think you have a practice that would reflect well with readers Reach out and we can come film you and make it cinematic for the viewers!

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Find out more information on how to join in if your in the Metro Atlanta area at   Peace!