3 Commandments of URUA – DR SEBI

1. ” You are number one, and the vibration that comes out of you is the only vibration you should listen to and pay attention to.

2. You will not offer yourself anything that hurts.

3. Do not offend anyone or anything.

The 3 commandments of Urua helps us develop love for self and respect. Once you develop that for yourself your automatically compelled to give that for others. That is the black race. ” –Dr Sebi
Just in the past week I’ve been applying these 3 basic laws of life…. I’ve noticed a great change. Once I heard that message I knew it was on point and would be helpful to my development!! Applying it feels great.
It’s like I can’t even allow myself to condone anything that I know isn’t resonating with the best health. From what I eat to encounters with people. It’s a fight against habits but when you win the victory is great!
Watch the full video online it’s powerful, if you have ears to listen!


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