Full Moon Release

” Full Moon Release ” by  Sheniqka Miller Contributing Writer 



“For this full moon: I am releasing old hurts, negative thought patterns, and behavior that no longer serve me… I am letting go the old complacent energies and negativity that has died inside me and embracing the changes in my life anew… I step into my tomorrow with an Open heart. Open to receive all that the Universe has in store for me. The angels have been sending signs for a while now so I am buckling up for the evolutionary changes building in this lifetime. For this full moon I am stepping out on Faith and going after all that I dream and worked for. For this full moon: I am fearless! – Warrior Spirit: Phoenix”


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People today: we often get lost with our eyes. We are constantly in motion; looking around and behind us, we never realize that we are trying to do so with imaginary blinders on. Because of this, some of us are never truly seeing. We become so caught up with pushing forward, that we are truly missing out on signs around us that are there to help us navigate through our worlds with ease. I am learning that every solitary thing on this earth has a soul. Every soul inhabited on this earth has its own language and way that it communicates clearly. How often do we, as people listen? Have we become so out of tune to our most basic primitive principles that those skills have been lost within modern day society?

I ask these questions because I find myself reflecting back on major moments in my life and the unconventional roads taken to achieve such noticeable growth. Once I’d become better acquainted with my internal voice and truly listened, I was able to hone in and discern her needs. With a positive outlook on life, awareness of self and a faith built to last: the world worked to help achieve my goals. I am a writer. Obviously, I was not born out of my mother’s womb a writer. I started out studying my craft through the forum of books but it was with the inclusion of life events occurring at the right moments of my life that helped to cultivate the writer I am today.

How often do we express that the world is conspiring against us? But are we the ones that have conspired against mother earth? With the growing amounts of pollution, the dependency on machines, and utter disconnect from the earth; it’s no wonder we sense no true kinship with nature anymore. Most of us have to meditate and spiritually push ourselves to re-train our eyes and ears to hear the Soul of the world and listen for signs of life that are there to push us closer to realizing our personal dreams.




Quiet out the noise and learn to listen within. Declutter your space in your reality as well as within your mentalities. It reinforces clarity above all things. If the world blesses you with positivity, multiply its multitude by feeding it more positive energy. Many of us are dreamers. To be a dreamer can be such a beautiful experience… Venturing out into the unknown with a desire to create something out of a mere vision is extraordinary, indeed. But most of us are afraid of the curse having dreams at all can bring to our everyday life. Dreams never realized create bitter and guarded individuals. It leaves a void open and unfulfilled. This void will begin to harbor negativity when such a person witness others dream. Negativity may encourage this type of lethargic behavior: being closed off to life changes and most times never receptive to positive reinforcement from the outside world. Some of us are just that. We are dreamers who are content with the vision. The reality of disappointment keeps this individual spiritually chained. I used to be this person. Life can harden you if you allow it to overtake you within its waves. But the key is to become aware of this early on, and to let it all go.

I have dreamed. Most not yet realized, but I have experienced trials in my life (had I not been able to decipher most of these experiences as “omens” or “messages from above”) that could have completely strangled the dreamer inside me right out. The fortitude from deep within to view these occurrences as affirmation to persevere and improve on my outlook, gave me the positive energy I needed to put back out into the world. This energy was received in good faith and returned back to me seven fold. I’ve experienced people come into my life at the right moments to help me morph into my next phase of being that was inevitably for my overall good. I’ve learned having a form of duality in your everyday life practice can be essential. Plan well, but never forget to live in the moments of your life. Truly live life with your eyes wide open. Be a student who is constantly seeking to learn. The lessons of life that we are meant to tap into will lead us down paths to dreams being realized if only we are open to its possibility. I too find myself on this less-traveled path.

Every one’s journey is not the same. All roads traveled will differ from the other. So I do not expect my life story to mirror another’s. But the spirit of passionate living, thirst for knowledge, and overall openness to receive all that the universe has to offer in all of its glory should be viewed the same.



The road to your dreams being realized never ended. It is you who has stopped walking, built up shelter exactly where you are and have become complacent. Break away from those chains. Do not wait on the moon to release all inhibitions. Listen to the winds of your heart… Where does it pull you? Do you still have urges? Do you listen to your inner spirit? I have learned through the teachings of the world how to truly quiet out its chaos and listen to its soul tell me what I need to know not only how to survive….but to thrive here on earth! Do you recognize its voice when it speaks? Become in tune with yourself at the cusp of your journey, you will elevate to another level of awareness. The roads to realizing your purpose starts in you.

“Corn moon” – Native Americans began to harvest their crops during this month every year (this full moon occurs late in August and is called the harvest moon). If the full moon occurs earlier in September, it is called the corn moon because the corn crop is ready for picking at that time. A good time clean and clear up the issues of life. A ritual for healing old wounds, emotional and physical, forgiving transgressors and yourself… A “letting go” time. You’re harvesting the abundance of your soul and your growth, so get rid of that old stuff and make room for the new enlightened you! To check out more on this topic click here!