Movie Select: Embrace of The Serpent

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A post was made about this movie a little over a year ago and it seemed like it was going to be a great film to watch. Time went passed and I didn’t think to check to see if it had released.  By chance I happened to come across a page with the movie poster so I looked it up online and took a watch.

This film was deliver more insight than I expected. It was a look inside of the life of a lonesome tribal man that has been through a journey of his own. When the past comes back to re visit it is a very familiar feeling and sometimes we need that reminder in life. This movie was a great motivation to show how technology can effect people in a negative way especially people with ancient knowledge and tradition that is useful. From ancient medicines to navigating with only the use of the stars it all can be disturbed by one encounter. The person you consider your enemy could be the one that disrupts the knowledge of your culture while preserving it at the same time. Its a cycle that may or may not be necessary but only time can tell.  check out the movie and watch it when you get a chance. This tribal psychedelic film is definitely a must watch. It is available online click the photo below!