Be Metaphysical: Dream Every Night

Ever wonder what it would be like to dream every night? Think about it for a second or ten. Not a few times a week or theoretically dream every night but not remember. Literally dream every night and remember at least 75% of what transpired in your mind.  I often hear a quote by some that say “We as humans dream every night but just don’t remember it” That reminds me of a saying if a tree fell in the forest does it make a sound. How would you know if you weren’t there?

To me dreams have many purposes but not every dream. Some dreams feel like a gumbo of visuals that were taken in throughout the day, week etc  A combination of ideas and thoughts that create a visual slide while you sleep. When I was younger there was another quote that stuck with me, “Every thought is an image” I didn’t get it then but I think it is relative to when we sleep. If your body is resting but your mind is conscious the most effective way to receive thoughts in depth could be by visuals. Some dreams feel as real as when you are awake. This becomes the issue if your dreaming every night, when does your mind actually rest?  I went to run for a few miles after a night of dreaming and it hit me… What if the tiredness we feel from dreaming is psychological. The body is resting so why would you still feel tired. What if dreaming was an exercise with intentions of training the mind to process more during the waking state.

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Dreams have different meanings specific to certain cultures. There is a list of a few below.


Early information about the analysis of dreams comes from Mesopotamia (the land between the Tigris and Euphrates – part of what is now Iraq). The civilization that existed there around 5,000 BC left behind what is believed to be the world’s first book of dreams — a compilation of dream symbols and their meanings. Sumerians viewed their dreams as signs sent from gods. People had their dreams translated by “dream priests” who foretold the dreamer’s future. It is speculated that the process of incubating dreams and summoning them by means of special rituals was invented during this period. These practices then spread throughout the ancient world and survived in various forms until the twentieth century. Some believe that the Mesopotamian model of dream interpretation had an impact on the cultural beliefs of the Egyptians and gave rise to the Hebrew, Arabic and Greek traditions of dream interpretation. –


It was considered that the dreamer’s soul was the guiding factor of 
dream production (p.57, Hall). The hand or spiritual soul was thought to leave the body and communicate with the land of the dead. They also practiced incubation in dream temples and they served a political purpose throughout the 16th century as high officials visiting a city,reported to a temple the first night to receive dream guidance for their missions. Judges and government officials were also required to visit dream temples for insight and wisdom. Like in the Egyptian culture, they would perform sacrifices to assign the ghosts and spirits, proper place and appease them. Dreams function as the continuities between past and present as dreaming and waking states hence the insistent appeal to ancestors and beginnings. (D.Shulman, 1997)
The Choctaw Indians
The Choctaw Indians, for instance, believe that each person has two spirits, the ‘shadow’ or external spirit and the ‘shilombish’ the internal spirit. Also, The Fijins had this belief calling the shadow the ‘dark spirit’ as after death, it goes to an unseen world while the ‘light spirit’ remains eternally to haunt the spot where death has taken place.According to the Indians of Guiana, when a man sleeps his soul leaves the body and returns when he wakes. This is the reason why people from the Miningkabauen Tribe of Sumatra aren’t allowed to stain or paint the face of a sleeping person; otherwise, the disguise will confuse the soul which seeks to return to the sleeper. (C.Sommerville, 2008)  Academia 
How you perceive your dreams and how they relate to the world of the awake is important. I recently had a dream about overpaying for a slice of pizza. Before going to sleep that night I did eat a slice of pizza to kill time while washing clothes. In the dream I was with a friend and when it was all said and done the check to pay came around and  I was pretty upset about seeing the total of one slice of pizza to be 71.52….  For ONCE SLICE!!!   Even going to the extent of making the manager sit down and explain why it cost so much but he said some mumbled words and made it apparent that he was too busy to even care. I haven’t ate pizza since i’ve had that dream. Before having that dream I knew pizza was one thing I shouldn’t be eating especially because of the cheese etc  so that dream was the icing on the cake for me. It was symbolism to me that the pizza was potentially costing me more than it was worth. Not financially but health wise it wasn’t worth it. That is how the dream translated over to me. One dream helped me do something as simple as stop a habit of eating pizza. A habit that I’ve been ignoring until that day. What makes it even more interesting was that the same friend in the dream came in town about a week later and requested to go to the pizza shop haha not again I said to myself. He ordered 2 slices and I ordered not a thing because I said I wouldn’t eat pizza any more after that dream. Now was that a insight into the future… who knows but I definitely looked at it as a sign to leave the cheese pasta bread alone.
Stay focused! More dream interpretations coming soon!