Book Select: Kemet and The African Worldview

Only the determined intellectual resistance waged by the 19th century Black Nationalists in the western hemisphere prevented the complete take over of the Nile Valley by the intellectual pirates who accompanied the Napoleonic invasion of Kemet (Egypt) in 1789. Those old African scrappers never left the high ground of the Nile Valley heritage and now their spirit like the Pharaoh Senwosret I of the 12th Dynasty (who lived about 4,000 years ago or 20th century B.C.E.) beckons us to come back to the Black land. This, is was in obedience to the summons of the most ancient and recent ancestors that Dr Maulana Karenga and I convened the First Annual Ancient Egyptian Studies Conference in February, 1984 at Los Angeles.

The Conference was designed to go beyond the establishment of an annual intellectual homecoming celebration and the founding of another Black professional scholarly association. What was and is not needed is the organization of African heritage and the restoration of African civilization. Such was the major objective of the Conference: the fruition of the dreams and visions of African people during the two thousand seasons of our distress.

In the struggle to liberate African people throughout the world, it is necessary that we advance the work and ideas of the brave Black people who have given their lives to keep this connection alive. What we are doing is not the result of a sudden flash of brilliance, but the culmination of the hard work of several generations of African Heroes and Heroines.” — Preface