Avocado Jerk Sauce

A  quick whip up that I thought of to substitute store bought Jamaican jerk seasoning.  Usually I get some of this stuff in the jar shown here and it is super spicey just like I want it to be. Sometimes its too spicey so I would mix it with avocado to dull the spice down. One day it occurred to me that I probably can get the same type of flavor if I add the right seasoning to the avocado. The jar stuff usually has citric acids in it to preserve and I try to avoid that as much as I can. This led to the Avocado jerk sauce.

1 – 2 Avocados – Cut it open and scrape out the green good stuff.

Get curry seasoning, garlic powder, chili powder or jalepeno powder (both if your a daredevil), sea salt, thyme, red pepper and black pepper.

Combine all the ingredients together and mash it up until you get everything to blend just right. I usually use a knife to chop and smash all at once. I let it sit out on the cutting board to give it a darker look and a not so avocadoey after taste. It kind of looks like jerk sauce once the air darkens it.   Use it just like you would the jerk sauce it taste delicious!