Kilindi Lyi: Extraterrestrial Origins of Africa

Hyper-dimensional realms of Africa and belief of extraterrestrial origins.

September 4, 2016

In this discussion Kilindi Lyi speaks with Goddess Suite Media about an interesting range of points like the various dimensional realms of Africa and documented proof of extraterrestrial origins.  Recounts of from people knowing trees with the ability of uprooting themselves and walking down the road. Communication between humans and mammals such dolphins, whales and even mermaids. The extensive use of entheogen in Africa. The Djembe drum being used for mystical warfare and how drums can communicate with each other. Villages where the women are only allowed. Does everyone have a mind, spirit and soul? or do some of us only have 2 of 3. The swapping of consciousness with animals. Telepathic communication with trans-dimensional beings while traveling on psilocybin stained mushrooms. Last but not least, mastering self within this reality to transcend all negativity.  This one was a classic discussion and definitely a great listen. Tune in and listen to the video below.

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