Which direction are you sleeping?

Yesterday morning I woke up with a specific thought on my mind. Sleeping with my head facing the east. Typically when i’m going through weeks of lucid dreaming my head is facing the east or south. When i’m not dreaming i’m drawn to sleeping west This observation  caused me to do some googling to see if there was any information on what I noticed.


The direction your head faces while sleeping has a strong effect on your physical and mental well-being. Head placement refers to the direction the top of your head points when lying down.

Feng Shui says east, but several mythologies also say north. Apparently the reasoning behind that is north is the direction of the element of Earth. If you sleep with your head grounded in the Earth direction you don’t become “trapped” in dreamland. However Feng Shui stated clearly that one must only sleep facing north to avoid Insomnia. This is because the lines of energy in the planet move from North to South. Bali Hindus always lay facing north.

Sleeping North: Strengthens physical health.
Sleeping South: Deepens sleep, elicits intuitive capabilities and enhances your capacity to remember dreams.
Sleeping East: Helps you wake up quickly and have more energy.
Sleeping West: Slows life down — good for stressed adults or hyperactive kids”

According to American Navajo Indians also believed that you should never sleep facing North, as it was evil and only for dead people

It’s also appears that ancient Chinese sources including Confucius recommended head facing north with feet to the south while sleeping.

An ancient Indian source Vastu recommends the opposite. Vastu Shastra is the knowledge of physical environment and applies to elements in a dwelling, that work in harmony with nature, environ, cosmic and magnetic fields and planetary influences, which when used rightly are believed to lead to sound health, wealth and prosperity. In ancient times, Vastu was a popular science, which covered a broad arena of important fields like architecture, civil engineering, design, sculpture, temple, and building technology. It is a popular myth that Viswakarma, the greatest architect of Mahabharata times had designed and built Indraprastha (capital of the Pandavas) integrating the elements of Vaastu in the town layout.

Read more: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net 



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